What Do You Mean by CPanel and FTP?

CPanel is the control panel for your website server.  Simply speaking, CPanel has all different backend settings that you can control the backend of your website.  One of the most popular feature in CPanel that every website owner should know is FTP, File Transfer Protocol.  Once again, simply speaking, FTP just gives you permission to anyone to enter your website files and modify/change for better purpose.  Since it’s the most popular feature, I would like to give Top 3 points that you should know about FTP.

FTP Accounts

3. FTP Accounts are like in e-mail address form

An e-mail address has a form like [email protected]  You simply enter the password, and if the password is correct, you can check your e-mails.  FTP account is same, and the only difference is that you are checking files rather than e-mails.  Just like e-mail addresses, multiple FTP accounts can exist.  One of eecsl’s ftp account is [email protected].  That’s the login for FTP and have a password like “12341234.”  Please note that it’s not a real password, and you should have a better password than “12341234.”  Once you have right FTP and password, you can view the files.


2. FTP Accounts can have restrictions

The front end, or the visible part, of your website can be viewed to users.  Some contents can be restricted with passwords such that people cannot view.  FTP works the same way as well.  If you would like to put a restriction on certain files/folders, you can do so.  In the below picture, when someone uses [email protected] to enter the website, he/she can only view the files under /home/eecsl/public_html/test folder.

FTP Directiory Setting

1. You can set the Quota of the file transfer amount

Quotas are used to restrict the use of disk space under certain FTP account.  So if someone wants to add files to your folders in server, you can actually give limitation to the amount of files and megabytes that will be going to be added such that you are not overflown with too much data on the server.  As shown in the above figure, you can specify the quota or set it for Unlimited option.


To better manage the features of backend of your website, features on Cpanel are used.  Among many features in Cpanel, FTP is something every website owner should know about.  FTP creates permission to enter the website server and modify the files, or data.  Giving a FTP account and its password does not mean that you are giving all the access of your files. You can set the restriction on the location and amount of files that will be used by other party.  It’s very important not to share important files by giving a full access through wrong FTP setting.

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