Seamless Integration with your Patient Management Software will help you get More Reviews.

More reviews will bring in new patients and repeat patients will come back to your office.
Many patients will look at the online reputation of a dentist BEFORE they even call to schedule an appointment for their needs. A lack of reviews or negative reviews can hurt your bottom line.
The team at eescL will use our reputation management system to encourage reviews from your happy customers, which will ensure you see more patients in your office. Seamless integration with your paractice management system such as Dentrix and Eaglesoft will automate the review request after you sucessfully check out the patient.
The system also works to stop bad reviews and keeps them from going live on the different review sites, protecting your reputation.

eecsL Offers One of the Best
Review Management Systems Available

One of the best things about our review management system is that it is SEO friendly. Yep, you read that right.
Whenever a customer is ready to leave a review, our system will direct them straight to your website to leave the feedback or review. The review will go on YOUR site and not someone else’s site.


Simple Two-Step Process

1. Click on the smiley face for a quick demo.

When you click on the smiley face, you will be able to test out our review management system in detail. There is a user-friendly interface and you will find that it is simple to navigate and leave a review.

2. Do a Good Job

All you have to do is keep doing a good job and provide great results. Your happy customers will then leave reviews on your website and help drive traffic in return.
To help encourage customers to leave reviews, pass out a small card reminding them when they leave the office.


While it may seem like there is some magic in the process, there is not. In fact, if you are a good dentist with solid work that customers love, you will be successful. Our review management system is setup to help those dentists who have a good reputation.

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