Customer Appreciation Promotional Items Top 5

When customers accept to have some to talk with you in person or an appointment to meet with you to go over your products and services, you should be really thankful.  Your products and services help them too but their purchases help you more.  Showing appreciation, a small gift speaks louder than you ever thought it would.  When giving a gift, try to give something that can be useful in their work hours or personal time.  eecsL here selected customer appreciation gift that can be accepted in every industry and that are promotional items where your logos can be imprinted.

5. Logo Imprinted Pens

Logo imprinted pens are probably the most common items to be given to customers.  Pens are used everywhere and are so versatile.  Some people do not like giving logo imprinted pens because everyone has too many pens at all times.  But still, logo imprinted pens are so popular promotional items and are selected for no. 5 logo imprinted promotional items that can be given to customers.

4. Lip Balm with Your Logo

Lip balm is no. 4 in our list of promotional items that you can give to your customers.  Lip Balm can be a health product and being “free” may give people wrong impression.  However, the lip balms that we offer are made in USA and are perfectly useful and workable.  It is safe to give out the lip balms with made in USA mark on it.  Lip balms are rather new items in the promotional items industry and are becoming more and more popular.

3. Flying Disk Promotional Items

Flying Disk is all time America’s favorite toy for young and old.  In colleges and parks, you can always find people playing with flying disks.  For anyone, this can be a great gift because the disk has so much family and friends value in it.  One thing we all need to remember when giving out free gift is that the gift must be used and not to be put away into a trash can.  The flying disk will be used again and again by your customers and they may be asking for more for their sons/daughters, friends, parents, or even for their pets.

2. Branded Tote Bag

More and more counties in US are banning people to use plastic bags.  Being green and eco-friendly, this no-plastic-bag campaign is becoming popular in US.  Branded tote bags will be welcomed everywhere, and the customers will probably want you to give more than one per person due to its extreme usability in real life.  This bag will never be thrown away so it’s always to get the very best quality bags.  The quality of the gift is another impression of you and your business.

1. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are so useful in any office/non-office settings.  They are expensive to be purchased too.  If you give an item that are expensive to be purchased and are widely used in any setting, you will be definitely remembered by your customers everytime they use your gift.  If they run out, they will think of you first and may ask for more.  That’s a good thing because good marketing strategy is to make your clients remember you by providing exceptional products, services, and promotional items.

0. Summary

There are many places that carry promotional items.  We here pre-selected 5 most memorable and effective promotional items that can be given to anyone and they will be impressed with the quality, usability, and value of your free gift.  The key is find something that can be remembered as they remember where they come from.

December 12, 2015 [ssba]

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